Blacktooth Productions


Blacktooth Productions is the name we have chosen for our occasional evenings of words and music.

The genesis of this venture was the desire to celebrate and appreciate good writing, by bringing words to life in an informal setting, with professional actors.

Along the way we have helped breathe life into many texts , the famous, infamous, and obscure.

From the beginning we have always included live music as part of the evening’s entertainment. The professional musicians we work with bring their own ideas to the venture, and the music and songs are always themed with the subject matter of the evening.

We are peripatetic. The performances have taken place in an artist’s studio, upstairs and downstairs rooms of pubs, churches, a Soho school hall, and a more formal theatre setting.

We pay our performers, and hope to break even after each event. ( The hire costs of a performance space are always a major consideration.)

Putting together the scripts for each show is an informal process, involving a lot of reading, and sometimes a lot of research. So far, we are pleased to say, the results have always been hugely enjoyed and have resulted in some extraordinarily diverting evenings.

If you want to know more you can find details under the Previous Events tab.

We hope to see you at one of our evenings.


Chris Howe,  former denizen of Fleet Street

Nigel Pike,  former ad man

Mick Kidd, current cartoonist ( one half of Biff)