Another Side of Bob Dylan

 A birthday celebration for Bob.

Two actors, Daniel Dresner and Robin Morrissey re-created Dylan in his own words, from his 60s hey day and beyond.The evening included:
Surreal encounters with the media, with put downs galore. A confrontation with his tormentors, the Dylanologists. His reflections on musicians, inspirations and critics.And the N8 connection-'Can this really be Crouch End?'.

Live music was provided by Rick Sanders and Jim Gosney.
Another Side of Bob Dylan was perforemd at the Earl Haig Memorial Hall , Crouch End on Sunday May 24.

Animal Encounters

Blacktooth Productions celebrated the animal kingdom, as seen through the eyes of writers, wits, explorers and eccentrics through the ages.

The performance included anecdotes about Churchill, Darwin, James Joyce, Thomas Hardy and Noel Coward and their relations with a range of dogs, apes, pigs and parrots. Live music and readings from Gertrude Stein, Coleridge, Kenneth Grahame, Ken Kesey and many others.

Two professional actors, Caroline Wildi and Daniel Dresner, performed the readings. The music was provided by Rick Sanders.

The Horse Hospital , Bloomsbury 18 March 2015


 May Daze

A timely glance at how Spring has been celebrated and observed through the ages. From pagan revels to the work of Virginia Woolf and D H Lawrence, and a range of diarists, wits, raconteurs and nature lovers. Not forgetting the more modern meaning of May Day and its revolutionary significance.

Readings by Daniel Dresner and Kate Walsh, with music from Sally Davies and Martina Schwarz

Hornsey Twon Hall Arts Centre 27 April 2017

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here celebrated 2,000 years of escape and festivity, from the carnivals of ancient Rome to medieval high days and holy days, saucy seaside holidays and the pleasures of Las Vegas and Varanasi. The performance included readings from our two Blacktooth regulars, Kate Walsh and Daniel Dresner, and music from Sally Davies and Martina Schwarz

Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre 25 November 2016

A Night in Fitzrovia

Writers, radicals, poets, performers, artists have all inhabited the enclave known as Fitzrovia:

Daniel Defoe, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, Doris Lessing, Thomas Paine, Patrick Hamilton, Marie Stopes, Colin MacInnes, Heathcote Williams, Fanny Burney, Rupert Brooke, Algernon Swinburne, Aleister Crowley.

A celebration of the lives and output of these and other denizens of Fitzrovia with a selection of readings, and music that was once performed there.

Our actors for the evening were Daniel Dresner and Helen Clapp

Musical interludes provided by Rick Sanders and Jim Gosney

The Welsh Church Eastcastle Street W1 24 November 2017

The Earl Haig Hall Crouch End 27 March 2018

Crouch End Chronicles

Crouch End Chronicles mixed readings, live music and raucous anecdotes, digging into local history and the characters who have helped make it: from Edward VII to Matt Monro, Joan Rhodes (Crouch End’s Strongest Woman), Bob Dylan, Bridget Hitler and the Suffragettes. And the current writers who make it a cultural epicentre.

As an added bonus, Blacktooth Productions celebrated our 13th anniversary, with highlights from some of its past performances. Subjects ranged from Great Eccentrics and the Summer of Love to Bohemian Soho, Seaside Capers and Animal Magic.

Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre 15 June 2018

Europe: a celebration

A tribute to Europe, celebrating its diverse and important cultural influences. Featuring philosophy, literature, music, poetry, and artistic milestones , including the riotous, bawdy, and funny. From Dante to Dada, and Sappho to de Beauvoir. The words were read by Daniel Dresner and Kate Walsh, with music and songs by Bow and Bellows: Sally Davies and Martina Schwarz.

22 March 2019 The Welsh Church Esatcastle Street W1

16 April 2019 The Brickworks Centre Crouch Hill