Curiouser and Curiouser

Revelling in the colourful and rich history of eccentrics through the ages, the evening was punctuated by a cornucopia of observations on rogue clergy, strange beliefs, idiosyncratic aristocracy, and unusual philosophers. Readings were taken from texts by Laurence Sterne, Richard Brautigan, Flann O'Brien, Alfred Jarry, Valerie Solanas, Salvador Dali, and Peter Cook.

The musical accompaniment was inspired by Viv Stanshall, Moondog, Prince Buster, Ian Dury, and the Incredible String Band.

The actors were Daniel Dresner and Rebecca Steele. The musicians were ( for one night only) The Sally Army: Sally Davies, Holly Cullen Davies, Johnny Bull, and Chris Howe.

First performed at Soho Parish School in November 2013.

The second performance was in March 2014 at St George's Church Hall, Little Russell Street, Bloomsbury.

This time music was provided by Brian

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