The Summer of Love

'The Summer of Love' was a celebration of the radical writing , politics, and music of the late 60's.

It featured texts by R D Laing, Stokeley Carmichael, Michael Herr, Herbert Marcuse, Timothy Leary, and Joan Didion. Poetry by Adrian Mitchell, Ed Sanders, Pete Brown, Adrian Henri. And music composed by Country Joe, the Incredible String band, and Donovan's paean to being stoned in London: 'Sunny Goodge Street'.

Additionally a few published memoirs of the time , and extracts from the underground press, provided an authentic voice, and a source of amusement.

This event signalled the entry of Mick Kidd ( one half of Biff) to the Blacktooth universe, and also the first performances for us by Daniel Dresner and Rebecca Steele. Once again Rick Sanders and Jim Gosney provided musical brilliance.

'The Summer of Love' was performed twice, at The Cross Kings N1 in October 2009, and at the Exmouth Arms NW1 in May 2010.

Mick's early contribution by way of a flyer can be seen below.


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